Message from President, ATAB


Monsur Ahmed Kalam

President, ATAB

I have the pleasure to congratulate our honorable members for keeping trust on me as ATAB President for the period of 2019-2021. It gives me huge responsibilities as well as opportunities to look after the welfare of ATAB members.

In pursuance of my job I will try to make stronger relationship with our business partner Airlines, travel agencies, ministries, trade organization for ensuring welfare of respected members of ATAB. We will take effective measures to implement the commitments made during ATAB Election 2019-2021.

Website is a dynamic document that needs regular update of information. ATAB website is a mirror where every members & users get their required information. We tried our best to make it for users comfort.

We always welcome suggestion, advice & opinion from respected members and concerned Stake holders in ATAB website for the progress/improvement of travel-aviation business in the country.

Message from Secretary General, ATAB


Md. Mazharul H. Bhuiyan

Secretary General, ATAB

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all ATAB members as newly elected Secretary General of this great association. Our prime responsibility will have to make ATAB a more advanced & sophisticated association by providing services, solving problems & looking after the welfare of the members.

We are committed to fulfill our election 2019-2021 pledges. Meanwhile, we have taken steps to stop illegal & unethical competition regarding ticket commission by the Online Travel Agencies for which we are going to frame an OTA Policy. Other major activities are being taken for easing travel agency license renewal system, reducing Hajj-2020 ticket fare, preserving passengers’ passport at agency office, building amiable relationship with airlines, expediting notification of amended Travel Agency Act-2013 & upgrading activities of ATTI. I expect that our members would extend their whole hearted co-operation in order to fulfill our commitment and thus to achieve our goal.

We will continue to give focus on the development of travel & aviation sector along with the welfare of beloved members of ATAB.