After the independence of Bangladesh, Religious Affairs activities started under Ministry of Education. Then, the Ministry was under the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Religion. In January 25, 1980 Ministry of Religious Affairs started as a separate Ministry of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. It was renamed as Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowment on March 8, 1984. Later on In January 14, 1985 the name changed again and renamed as Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Since the start of operations in 1980 as an independent Ministry, Ministry of Religious Affairs is performing all kinds of Religious Affairs Activities of the Government by the offices and organizations under the Ministry named Islamic Foundation, Office of the Waqf Administrator, Haj Office Dhaka, Haj Office Jeddah/Makkah, Hindu Religious Welfare Trust, Buddhist Religious Welfare Trust, Christian Religious Welfare Trust and various branches of the Ministry.

The main objective of the Ministry is to improve the religious affairs. It works to contribute in the national development through human resource development and working in encouragement of brotherhood, values, religious belief in both national and international level.

Strategic Objectives

(1) Enhancing moral and ethical values;

(2) Development of Haj management;

(3) Institutional development of religious institutions and organizations;

(4) Strengthening Zakat management;

(5) Public awareness activities for preventing militancy and terrorism.

Allocation of Business (AoB) [Summary]

(1) Extending overall co-operation and providing grants, taking initiatives for resource mobilization in implementing development activities of the Islamic Foundation, Waqf Administration, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian Religious Welfare Trusts and affairs relating to their research and supervision;

(2) Dealing with all matters relating to Hajj and Umrah, including declaration of Hajj policy and Hajj Package, signing of bi-lateral Hajj agreement and management of residential accommodation for Hajj pilgrims and matters related to other religious tours and religious delegations to and from foreign countries;

(3) Assistance and maintenance of Waqf and Debottor properties;

(4) Assisting research and publications in the field of religion and providing co-operation in the management of charitable institutions;

(5) Arranging and participating in international conferences, seminars and dialogues on matters related to religion and religious affairs and establishing contacts, relations, improving relations and signing contracts, agreements, conventions with different countries and international organisations/ institutions;

(6) Ensuring social development, conducting research, preventing corruption and terrorism, strengthening fraternity and religious harmony through different activities of religious organisations;

(7) Providing grants-in-aid including reforms of different religious organisations and institutions, matters related to moon sighting and celebration of important occasions;

(8) Supporting the destitute and converted Muslims for their rehabilitation with financial assistance.


Secretary, Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA)

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