History of ATAB

Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh (ATAB) is a Government registered Association of travel agents of Bangladesh. Immediate after the liberation of the country the owners of the activated Travel Agencies in the country from Pakistan period felt necessity to be united under one umbrella to protect their business interests as well to secure the healthy growth of travel and tourism industry of the newly born Bangladesh.

To achieve the desired target travel agency owners of the than period gathered first in 22th October and afterward in December 1976 at Dhaka Club and formed an association named “IATA Travel Agents Association (ITAA)”. Mr. M.A. Talib and Mr. A.N.B. Karim were elected as the Founder-President and Founder-General Secretary respectively of the newly formed association ITAA. Founder-members were Mr. Md. Sarqum Ali, Mr. S. Huda, Mr. M.M. Haque, Mr. S. Rahman, Mr. A. Salam Khan and Mr. Masoodul Haque.

The first Annual General Meeting (AGM) of this unregistered Association was held in Bangkok on 10th April, 1978 while the second AGM were held on 29th June, 1979 at Dhaka Club. The historic amendment of the constitution of the Association was adopted in the second AGM and at the same AGM ITAA was re-named as “Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh”, in short, “ATAB”. Under section 3(2)C of Trade organization Ordinance, 1961 & section 26 of the Companies Act, 1943, ATAB has got registration from the Government of Bangladesh on 18 December, 1979. ATAB’s Executive Committee formed after every 02 years through election as Constitution of ATAB.

New and modern central office of ATAB was established on 17 June, 2007 at Sattara Center, Naya Paltan, Dhaka. ATAB expanded its office at Sylhet in 2006 and at Chittagong in 2007 as zonal office on owned space.

ATAB established ATAB Tourism Training Institute (ATTI) in 2007 to provide skill working hands for the travel and tourism industries. In the meantime near about 2500 trainees have certified by ATTI who are already employed at different organizations and thus ATAB is playing a vital role to create productive employment in the country.

Today ATAB is one of the most well-organized and well known associations of the country with 3500 members. All government and non-government organs duly evaluate ATAB and use to call its officials to solve different issues related with air travelling, Hajj-Umrah etc. Airlines, operative in Bangladesh, are also giving due importance to ATAB members effective for fruitful suggestion in aviation business. By this time ATAB has become a strong stakeholder in the aviation & tourism sector in Bangladesh. Specially, during the presidency of Mr. S. N. Manzur Murshed (Mahbub) ATAB has climbed at the peak of name and fame and thus materialized the dreams of its founder members in reality.

First Convening Committee of the “IATA Travel Agent’s Association” were as follows:







Mr. M. A. Talib

Ganges Travels Service, Dhaka


Vice President-1

Mr. S. Tasleem Hussain

Air Route Service Ltd., Dhaka


Vice President-2

Mr. Mabaswir Ali

Air Link Int’l., Sylhet


Vice President-3

M.A.S. Chaudhury

Capco Aziz Ltd. , Chittagong.


General Secretary

Mr. A.N. B. Karim

S.B. Agha & Co., Chittagong



Mr.Masoodul Huq

Karnaphuli Travel Agency Ltd, Dhaka



Mr. Ekramul Haque

Falcon Travels Ltd., Dhaka



Mr. Lutful Kabir

Orion Travels Ltd., Dhaka



Mr. M.M. Haq

Desh Bidesh, Dhaka



Mr. A.R. Khan

Olympic Travels Ltd., Dhaka



Mr. S. Safiqul Hoque

Shamim Travels, Sylhet  AND



Mr. Ajabat Ullah

Globe Express Ltd, Chittagong.

On 18th December, 1979, the convening Committee obtained a “License” from the ministry of Commerce under section 3(2)C of Trade organization Ordinance, 1961 for forming and “formalizing” the proposed Association under section 26 of the Companies Act, 1943.

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